Popular Laptop Bags

A laptop bag helps protect your valued laptop from dust, moisture, bumps and other hazards. Factors to help you decide the right laptop bag include materials, durability, space and price. With the large variety of bags on the market, you can select different types to suit your daily commute, travel needs or fashion style. A sturdy laptop bag that is comfortable to carry will likely accompany you throughout your busy day.

Laptop bags are messenger bags, book bags and briefcases that have special padding and features tailored for laptops. Standard features include padded sleeves or compartments, accessory pockets to keep headphones and mice handy, and additional compartments for power adapters, CDs and SD cards.

Messenger Bags

Laptop messenger bags can be horizontal or vertical in orientation and range in sizes from netbook-size computers to 18-inch desktop replacements. The inner compartment is padded and may come with a separate sleeve to provide additional protection. Laptop messenger bags have inside and outside pockets and compartments for accessory storage.

Book Bags

Laptop book bags are a good choice for students who need to take their books and laptops to class. Some bags convert between messengers and book bags for the best of both worlds. The laptop compartment has heavy padding and is separate from the main compartment of the book bag. Outer pockets give you room for accessories and other gadgets.


Briefcases are a more professional alternative to the messenger bag, although the general layout of the bag is almost identical. Laptop briefcases often have travel-friendly features so you can use it as a carry-on without any hassles. Laptop briefcases can convert between a briefcase and a messenger bag on some models with the use of a shoulder strap.


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