Drawstring Bag

A drawstring bag is closed at the top by a cord threaded around the perimeter of the opening. It can be made from many different materials, including leather, cotton, nylon, suede, or velour. The bag can be structured with sides, but is more commonly unstructured, in a form once used by ancient coin purses.

Help your kids keep their gear organized in a customized drawstring bag to take with them when they are on the go. Store-bought drawstring bags can easily be customized to fit your child’s personal style. With just a few craft supplies, you can create a trendy drawstring bag that your child will be proud to carry. Customized drawstring bags also make excellent and affordable gifts.

1、Lay the canvas bag out flat on a hard work surface with the front side facing up. Insert the cardboard. Use the masking tape to create a frame around the border of the bag to keep the design neat and professional.

2、Dip a small paintbrush in the fabric glue and apply a thick layer to the back of the iron-on decal. Glue to the front center of the canvas bag. It will be the focal point of your design.

3、Use the fabric paint, in your choice of colors, to paint a border or background on the front of the bag using the other paintbrush. Use an applicator fitted bottle of puffy paint to add your child’s name to the lower portion of the bag for easy identification.

4、Glue small beads or sequins to the canvas bag to further customize.

5、Dry bag overnight. Check the manufacturer’s labels on the paints and glue for specialized setting and care instructions.


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What Are the Best Bass Guitar Gig Bags?

No matter how much you spend on your bass guitar, if you don’t protect it properly, you will end up paying again and again. A regularly performing musician needs a strong and durable case that travels well but also protects the guitar inside. Soft “gig bags” come in an array of shapes, sizes and costs, so choosing the right one to suit your lifestyle can be difficult.

Inexpensive Bags

If you are buying on a budget, prices start at about $12 for low-end bass guitar gig bags. This will usually get you a padded nylon case that provides basic protection from the weather and light knocks. These provide very little insulation, exposing your guitar to changes in temperature that can alter tuning and risk warping the wood. These cases are ideal for beginner guitar players who plan to store the instrument in the house and not transport it often.

More Expensive Bags

A good-quality soft case will cost between $25 and $100. These bags usually have reinforced linings and durable padding to protect the more vulnerable areas, such as the headstock and bridge. For musicians performing regularly, these bags are durable enough to travel and don’t take up the space that a hard case would. The extra padding will insulate the guitar, maintaining a more constant temperature in the case.

Inexpensive Hard Cases

A hard case is a wise option for anyone who has invested in an expensive bass guitar. Prices start at about $50. The best budget hard cases may lack features and pockets but offer strength. The main problem with an inexpensive hard case is the sacrifice of the space it takes up in relation to how much it can protect your guitar. A cheap hard case will not be strong enough or insulated enough to take on a flight and usually takes up more in a vehicle than a gig bag.

Flight Cases

Most professional musicians travel using a flight case. A good-quality flight case can cost from $100 to $300. The best cases will have a strong foam lining shaped to the contours of your guitar and a heavily structured casing with reinforced corner points. This removes the risk of knocks and will insulate your guitar better against drastic changes in temperature. These cases provide you with the best protection from damage if your case is checked as baggage during air travel.

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Solar backpack

A Solar backpack is a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders, equipped with thin film solar cells and batteries. The solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which is stored in the batteries and can be used to power portable electronic appliances like mobile phones and mp3 players.

A solar backpack system known as Rucksack Enhanced Portable Power System (REPPS), developed by the United States Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, features a 62-watt solar panel blanket in a backpack for use by the US army based in Afghanistan. The US Air Force had previously employed solar panels on shipping containers, which was developed by Lockheed Martin, while the Marines developed suitcase units of foldable solar panels which can also be carried as a backpack. As military equipment like radios and GPS units requires lots of energy, these portable solar power systems were designed to minimize dependence of troops on fossil fuels in combat zones. The REPPS is currently utilized by the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in Logar, Afghanistan. It is used to power electronic devices with a charging time of just 6 hours. As it weighs at around 10 pounds, it can be carried as a backpack easily. In addition to solar power, it can also convert ac power from wall outlets and utilize power from disposable batteries and vehicles.

Solar backpacks can also power laptops for up to 3 hours.

After an exposure of about six hours, it can power an emergency light for 14 hours.

Solar backpacks can also be used to power medical equipment and humanitarian relief efforts where power from the utility grid is not available.

These types of backpacks can also be used to power cameras for use in remote areas.


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Clean a Hydration Pack

The key to getting the most life, use and value out of your outdoor gear is taking good care of it. Keeping the drinking reservoir inside your hydration pack is especially important to preventing contamination of your water supply. While cleaning the outside of the pack is not as critical to the integrity of your water supply, keeping the outer pack clean may help to reduce abrasion from dust, dirt and grit. This could let the pack part of your hydration pack last longer.

1、Remove the flexible hydration reservoir from the cloth cover or pack, if it’s in one.

2、Unscrew the cap from the reservoir and drain the contents completely.

3、Mix a solution of mild dish soap and water. Scrub the inside of the hydration reservoir with this solution, using a baby bottle brush to clean inside the reservoir.

4、Run your mixing solution through the drinking tube. Scrub inside the tube using a long pipe cleaner.

5、Remove odors, if necessary, by filling the reservoir with water, adding 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and letting it sit overnight.

6、Rinse the reservoir several times with clear water, drain completely and, if the neck opening is wide enough, wipe the inside dry with a clean cloth.

7、Wash the cloth pack itself in mild detergent and water. If your pack has a tag stating that it’s okay to machine wash, go ahead and wash it on the gentle cycle. If there’s no tag, you should wash it by hand just to be safe.

8、Leave the reservoir to air-dry overnight, with the cap still unscrewed. The cloth pack can air dry at the same time.

9、Check to make sure the reservoir and pack are both completely dry. If they’re not dry, leave them be to continue drying. Once they are dry, replace the reservoir in the cloth pack.

Water Hydration PackHydration Water Backpack

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To choose a laptop backpack

Whether you’re bringing your laptop to class or taking it on an airplane, you want to make sure your computer is safe. In fact, transporting a laptop can be a synch with the right backpack. A good backpack protects your computer, fits anything else you want to bring along, and shifts the weight of everything from your back to your hips. When looking for a laptop backpack pay attention to where the laptop will be kept, the number of zippers and compartments, and the overall size and design of the backpack.

1、Look at the padding and the placement of the laptop pocket. The laptop does not need to be surrounded by a lot of bulky padding, it just needs to be kept in a stiff and snug pocket. It is important that the laptop pocket holds the laptop a few inches away from the bottom of the backpack. This will prevent the laptop from hitting the floor every time the backpack is put down. Also look for a strap that will hold the laptop in the pocket.

2、Choose a backpack that does not have a lot of zippers. Zippers are the first thing to break on a backpack, and they add unnecessary weight. Also remember to test all the zippers before purchasing a backpack.

3、Find the perfect number of pockets and compartments. A backpack with too many compartments can get confusing and waste space, but a pack with too few is hard to organize. Ideally, a laptop backpack will have two main compartments, a laptop pocket, two or three smaller zipped compartments, an open front pocket, and an open side pocket for a water bottle.

4、Laptop backpacks vary widely in size. First figure out what you will be using the backpack for and then choose an appropriate size. To determine how efficient a backpack is compare the dimensions of the pack with the volume (the dimensions and volume should be provided on the tag).

5、Pick a backpack that is as light as possible. If you plan on carrying heavy things around then get a bag with a waist support strap. This strap will move the weight off the back and onto the hips.

6、Try the backpack on (if possible with the laptop in it) before buying it. Make sure you like how it looks and feels.

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Choose us

Founded in 2003, We has been devoting itself to one of the professional Bags Manufacturer in China.We offer wide range of bag and in exclusive designs. Our bag are favored by our clients for superior quality and satisfying service. The main market of our items include UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America and so on.

With development, We has equipped with specialized production lines and independent R&D group, we are striving to develop and manufacture the highest-grade bag for customers worldwide, every aspect of our business operation meets or exceeds internationally accepted standards. Also we have vast material resources and an efficient management to offer timely delivery.

Our factory has own a perfect managerial system and managerial group, the members of our professional working term who have own higher education degrees and many years experience in the field, With experienced specialists and well-trained staff, we are ideally placed to design, develop and manufacture bag according to clients’demands. In addition, our firming network of raw materials supplier and effective management can keep costs lowest.

We offer super bag, on-schedule delivery and competitive prices. If you are interested in any of our models, or have a custom requirement of the bag, please communicate with us in your detailed inquiries. Custom bag designs, size, color, and logo are accepted, Our qualified sales staff are standing by to deal with your correspondences. We welcome OEM, ODM & SMU projects.

Welcome all of you to come to our bag factory and look forward to cooperating with you! we will become your satisfied china bag maker.

We are to be regarded as the best supplier in our sector:
- To clients – Not only satisfy but exceed our customers’ expectations with the quality of our products and services;
- To suppliers – Not only maintain but strength the excellent relationship with our trust partners and suppliers;
- To our teams – Not only provide but have our members enjoy the positive and stimulating workplace..

Why choose the Yabobags?

1. High quality: perfect managerial system and managerial group;
2. Reasonable and competitive prices;
3. On-schedule delivery as promised;
4. Profession: experienced and well-trained staff;
5. Wide range of bags and strong R&D group;
6. Super service before and after selling;
7. Accept OEM, ODM & SMU projects;

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